Do Gutter Guards Really Work?

Nov 07, 2019

Gutter GuardsClimbing up a ladder to clean out your gutters is probably not the task you most look forward to every month. It’s time-consuming, physically demanding, and can be dangerous. That’s why you may be contemplating adding gutter guards to your gutters. Gutter guards can help to block unwanted leaves, twigs, and other debris from entering your gutters and interfering with the flow of rainwater. But do they really work? Will they ensure you’ll never have to climb up a ladder to clean your gutters again?

The short answer to that is, no. They will not completely eliminate the need to clean out your gutters from time to time. You will likely reduce the frequency of cleaning your gutters, but it’s still a task you’ll need to complete a few times a year. Gutter guards can block most debris, but smaller pieces can still get trapped inside your gutters and block the flow of water.

Choose a LeafGuard® Gutter System Instead

A better option for homeowners who want to eliminate gutter cleanings entirely is a LeafGuard® gutter system. This patented one-piece covered system uses a single piece of aluminum to form the hood and trough. Through the process of liquid adhesion, a LeafGuard® gutter system channels rainwater over the sloped hood and shields the gutters from twigs, sticks, leaves, branches, and other windblown debris. Plus, these gutter systems are made from 20 percent thicker aluminum for impressive durability and their downspouts are 30 percent larger than other systems to help channel greater amounts of water. In fact, LeafGuard® gutter systems have been independently tested and can handle 33 inches of rainfall an hour – which is well above any recorded occurrence.

Byers Installs LeafGuard® Gutter Systems in Northern California

If you’re ready to say goodbye to cleaning your gutters, contact Byers. We install LeafGuard® gutter systems for homeowners in Northern California and we would love to do the same for you. Any LeafGuard® system we install is backed by their no-clog guarantee, which means that in the unlikely event that your LeafGuard® gutters do clog, we will come out and clean them for free. Schedule a consultation today!