Do covered gutters really help prevent your home from fire?

Aug 26, 2021

According to the U.S. Fire Administration,  Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) fires have become a recurring problem in many parts of the nation. In fact, currently, some 45 million residences and around 70,000 communities have been impacted.  Another 3,000 structures were completely lost in the United States to WUI fires between the years 2002 and 2016. This negative trend has significantly altered various regions of the United States, no longer only affecting western states alone.

Of course, living in northern California, you know all too well how easily WUI fires can destroy grass, brush or forest, not to mention the risk of damage to your home. Thankfully, one way to prevent the risk of losing your home in a fire is to choose the right kind of gutters and guard system. Read on to learn even more about how gutters can effectively prevent the spread of wildfires and reduce your home’s risk of experiencing a devastating fire:

How Gutters Help Prevent The Spread of Fires

While gutters can do little to prevent the beginning of wildfires themselves, like the WUI fires mentioned above, they are an important tool you have as a homeowner to prevent your home from becoming engulfed in flames. This is true because the right type of gutters, like our product, Byers LeafGuard system, reduces the risk of fire by preventing the build-up of potentially deadly kindling.

Most gutters, without the right guards in place, will tend to harbor a build-up of sorts of all kinds of dry kindling, like sticks, leaves and more. In essence, you are creating a hotbed, a fire starter, right on your home itself, right at the roofline. By contrast, when you have the right gutter and guard system in place, you remove the build-up of potential debris and fuel for a spreading wildfire. Amazingly, fire embers from a wildfire can travel as much as one-quarter to a mile in the wind, when hot, dry, air is present. This means, in a worst-case scenario, that you don’t even have to be right on top of a fire to be in danger if one of those burning embers should land on your home and ignite the debris in your gutters.

Additional Benefits of the LeafGuard System

A gutter guard system will protect your home from fire danger as well as prevent you as a homeowner from performing the oft despised chore of cleaning out your gutters. Thankfully, this system removes the presence of debris build up from the equation and saves you from the regular task of cleaning your gutters out.

Bottom Line: Yes, Our Gutters Do Really Protect Your Home

While it isn’t true for every gutter system, the seamless, one-piece design of the LeafGuard system will ensure that your home is not put at undue risk thanks to debris build-up in the gutters. Instead, this system will allow any and all potential fire hazards to be swept over the gutters and out, away from your home. This, along with other tips like keeping your landscaping trimmed and not overgrown will help you protect your home in Northern California from the very real threat of fire danger.

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