Communication with Calm Clarity

Nov 27, 2018

Meet Sue Kuca

Byers Communications Liaison

Sue Kuca joined the Byers team in August 2016. She came to Byers with an extensive background in telephone and production scheduling. Sue enjoyed her previous job doing scheduling with counties and cities across multiple states but knew it was time for a change.

Byers provided Sue with an opportunity to build on her background and be part of an engaged team utilizing a number of new technology tools. Byers scheduling technology keeps strong communication throughout the process of client service and production.

Sue’s first task at Byers was learning about LeafGuard and RainPro and understanding the process for each type of client service. Scheduling is very involved and with 6 full crews throughout Northern California, hers is a very demanding job. Sue’s excellent phone skills and outgoing nature have helped her develop client relationships, as many times, multiple conversations are routine.

Once an order is in and ready for production, this comes to Sue for scheduling. This year has been a landmark year as this process has been taken to a paperless, digital format. This makes for seamless communication and allows for automation in matching schedules with routes. Every project phase is now simplified and completed in a state of art format, including downloading, organizing and getting each project planned.

Sue loves working with the Byers team.

“The people around me in scheduling are much younger and their energy and spirit help keep me young. It has been a great opportunity to participate in new technology and grow with Byers.”

Sue still struggles a bit in visualizing California geography. She relocated to California from Dayton, Ohio in 1978 when her husband was recruited by Grass Valley Group, where he worked for 18 years. She and Jay have been married for 45 years.

Sue has two grown children and three grandchildren, all living locally. She enjoys sewing and quilting. Both she and her husband are shooters and can sometimes be found at local firing ranges, where he also is an NRA Certified Instructor and competitive shooter.

One of Sue’s great passions is philanthropy through her Beta Sigma Phi membership and service as a Board Member. This non-profit organization raises money each year for Scleroderma, Cystic Fibrosis, Lupus, and the Stanford Kidney Research. Statewide Beta Sigma Phi generally raises around $250k annually.

Her Beta Sigma Phi City Council in Auburn holds a yearly “Fall Social & Silent Auction”.  Each year there is a different recipient either in Auburn or Grass Valley. This year’s special contribution is being earmarked for contribution to a Beta Sigma Phi member who lost their home in the Carr Fire.

Asked about what she likes about her work at Byers, Sue responds:

“Working at Byers keeps me young! I am 71 and working really keeps me energized. I love working with the young people here and learning from them. I feel appreciated and know my contribution matters. Coming to work each day is just what I want to do.”