Byers Solar: Professional, Experienced, and Dedicated Team

Apr 26, 2019

Solar Professionals

Our team is made up of dedicated solar professionals, representing a combined 100+ career years in direct solar experience. Whether working with Byers sales team or project managers, know you are in good hands. Our dedicated team is proud to help home and business owners to solid energy solutions each day. We like what we do, who we work with and how we can help our clients make each day a little better with safe, money-saving solar energy.

Byers Solar Designer Jeff Peterson is experienced in plan preparation and home design. He is proud of the fact that plans submitted by Byers Solar are typically approved without modification or complications — no delays.

Sandy Philpott is Byers Solar Project Administrator. Sandy lives solar each day, all day between her off-grid ranch and overseeing many details on each of Byers Solar installations.

Coryon Redd and Anya Burnham, Byers Solar Sales Consultants, have spent years evaluating homes from the perspective of their potential for solar energy generation, including the site location, design, energy production, and payback analysis.

Each Step of the Way

Byers Solar works carefully with each client helping to assess their individual site, lifestyle and projecting changing needs. This personal input helps to shape the solar design that will work for you. Our team is with you each step of the way.

The process begins with an on-site visit and thorough evaluation of your solar energy generation profile. From this, Byers Solar develops a custom proposal, taking into account your site, budget and shifting energy needs.

When you are ready to begin, custom design drawings will be finalized and submitted for approval. Once approved, your solar installation will be scheduled. It’s best to plan in advance and allow several months from the initiation of your solar project to its completed installation.

The final step to your solar energy is to get approval from your County or City building department and utility company for ‘PTO’ or power turn on.

Byers Solar - Coryon Redd
Byers Solar – Coryon Redd

Byers Solar team is ready to make 2019 your year for solar energy—the last year with a full 30% ITC rebate. Call us today to schedule an appointment 530-272-8272.