Businesses Go Green with Solar

Feb 01, 2021

Businesses opting to conserve energy and reduce costs with Byers Solar energy systems include Courtyard Suites, Sierra Mountain Inn, and Creasey & Pfaffinger General Dentistry. Shown here, aerial view of Courtyard Suites, Grass Valley.

Byers Solar is seeing a strong trend toward businesses choosing solar as a way to conserve energy and reduce operating costs. “Once a business takes a look at what savings can be realized each month, it is easy to make the decision to go solar—the numbers tell the story,” observes Ray Byers Jr.

Local hotels Courtyard Suites and Sierra Mountain Inn have both turned to solar with Byers. As a hotel, energy costs are considerable. Hotels have all the costs of operating a home but multiplied many times over. Refrigerators, laundry, heating and air conditioning create considerable utility bills, translating to considerable savings when choosing solar.

GCS Environmental Equipment Company in Woodland is in the full sun most of the year. “We have cut our energy bill down to almost nothing, which translates into several thousand dollars saved each year,” states Jim Buchmiller, GCS, CFO. Taking an industrial facility to solar really impacted our utility bills as they are active during the times that rates are highest according to “Time of Use” billing which can charge more for energy during peak usage times—which coincides with peak manufacturing and industry demands. Buchmiller is a matter of fact numbers man and he says of the solar install “Byers Solar told us what would happen and it did. They kept their schedule, installation, and performance projections. No surprises. That makes me happy.”

Professional offices also can save more on energy than a home. Nevada City dentist, Dr. Justin Pfaffinger, went solar in 2016 with his commercial building off of South Pine Street.


“Byers Solar was extremely thorough and knowledgeable. I received in-depth answers to all my questions when I was researching the different solar companies and the panels and converters they offer. Their thoroughness gave me confidence that I made the right choice with Byers. We have since cut our energy bill in half for the dental practice, which is really significant because of all the equipment we run. Our office solar system is projected to pay for itself in only 5-1/2 years!  2017 is looking good already, with our solar energy generated in the month of May exceeding our total monthly energy demand.  We are always looking for the best technology for our patients and are excited to be part of the green movement, reducing our carbon footprint.  We look forward to the sun power of the summer—our highest seasonal energy demand time.” Justin Pfaffinger, DDS, Nevada City commercial property owner and dentist in group practice, Creasey & Pfaffinger General Dentistry.

Sierra Mountain Inn Owner Cira Scrimager is seeing benefits after just a few months “We want to communicate our green values to our clients, it’s also really nice to know that by doing the right thing, we are also saving money.”

After several years with solar, Courtyard Suites owner Kathy Racz the choice and reflects that Byers Solar had the best system, the best panel, and presented an aesthetic design solution. “When Byers came up with their design I was ecstatic! It looks amazing, you don’t even know the panels are there. We have 150 panels on two different roofs. It is phenomenal.”

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