Are Your Ready for a WildFire?

Jul 17, 2023

Protect Structures with Byers LeafGuard Gutters

As summer heats up, Californians wonder what fire season will bring this year.

Last year was one of the most destructive ever seen in California. The Washington Post reports that close to 9,000 wildfires tore through the state, burning 1.2 million acres of land. Adding that acreage together amounts to an area the size of Delaware. The wildfires in 2017 destroyed more than 10,800 structures and killed at least 46 people.

There are things that can be done to prevent fires and protect your home in the event of a wildfire.  Clearing a fire-safe zone around your home and removing debris, such as pine needles, away from any structures is one of the first and most basic preventative measures to practice throughout fire season—not just as things heat up outside but throughout our extended fire season into November.

With an unprotected edge below the roof and above the gutter, the likely fire path from the gutter to the attic is along the roof sheathing. With a narrow overhang, this distance is shorter. Once the fire reaches the attic, fire incident records show that the home is usually destroyed.

Byers is busy each day helping people make their homes more fire-safe by installing LeafGuard Gutters. Did you know that new homes or even some new roofs require closed gutters? Debris in gutters is a primary vulnerability for homes. If embers generated during a wildfire ignite debris, such as pine needles or leaves, the resulting fire burns next to the underside of the roof, providing a path for the fire into the building.

Byers LeafGuard’s patented one-piece gutter design sends leaves, pine needles, sticks, and debris over the edge. And all that rainwater? It rolls right into your gutters and flows away from your home, just like it should. Every time. That is why Byers LeafGuard Gutters carry an ironclad, no-exclusions guarantee.

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