Analog vs. Digital Energy Meters & Why It Matters

Jun 29, 2017

Analog vs Digital Energy MetersDo you ever stop to think about how you are charged for energy use? Taking a look at these numbers can help make sense of information included in your monthly PG&E statement. It is the first step to better understanding what you are billed for, and perhaps starting the process for opting for solar power instead.

How Energy Usage Is Measured

Each month, you are billed by your utility company based on the total kilowatt hours used, which is a function of how much power all the things on your property use, multiplied by how long they were left on. In general, if you want to cut your utility bill, it helps to turn electrical items off and run things as little as possible.

To measure your energy usage, your utility company uses an energy meter. Traditional meters use an analog system, while newer meters are now digital. Currently, there is a push by utility companies to switch from analog meters to digital meters. That’s because analog energy meters naturally degrade over time, and as they age, they are more likely to underestimate your total energy usage. By contrast, digital meters are far more accurate at measuring actual usage. Therefore, if your analog energy meter was recently replaced with a digital one, you might see a significant spike in your energy bill. You can learn more about analog vs. digital energy meters in this article.

Why Solar Power Is a Better Option

More and more Californians are choosing to switch to solar power, which can result in great cost savings over the years. Solar panels harness the power of the sun to provide your home with electricity rather than relying solely on PG&E. You may even be able to go off the grid completely by having a solar panel system installed on your home.

At Byers Solar, we offer and install some of the best solar panels available, from the trusted manufacturer SunPower®. These solar panels are far more efficient and longer-lasting than traditional solar panels, meaning you’ll see substantial energy cost savings year after year. This solar power system features a special app that lets you easily control your solar panels, measure your energy usage, and see your life time savings from switching to solar. Additionally, when you choose Byers Solar for your solar power needs, you can trust our trained and experienced technicians to optimize the placement of your solar panels so you can maximize your use of solar energy.

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of switching to solar power at your California home, contact Byers Solar today.

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