Aging In Place Resources

Sep 01, 2023

72 million Americans were born between 1945 and 1964 notes the U.S. Census Bureau. These baby boomers are now aging individuals who almost all agree on one thing living in their own homes later in life. Nearly 90 percent of the Nation’s baby boomers want to age in place.

But with changes in their health in the years ahead, how will these aging seniors remain comfortable and safe at home? To reduce potential home hazards for older adults, see the available resources that the State of California offers, like food and nutrition, home care and community services, and long-term home care.

This Aging in Place resource will help senior adults and their families spot home safety concerns and create an individualized plan around the elder’s functional abilities, including getting out of bed and bathing. Create a guide that includes a checklist of risks for home accidents and tips for making a home safe.

Solatube hallway 1 before 20200924.Solatube hallway 1 after 20200924.

Safety solutions can be as simple as adding more light into the house. Our Solatubes is an excellent option for it since it allows natural daylight into your home without the blue light that some lightbulbs have protecting the wellbeing of our loved ones. Also, adding carpet tape can smooth out curled carpet edges preventing falls. Do some home modifications and remodeling such as installing bathroom grab bars, widening doorways, and enlarging rooms.Happy Byers Solatube Client.

Solatube hallway 2 before 20200924.Solatube hallway 2 after 20200924.
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