Aging and Ladder Safety

Jan 14, 2020

Aging and Ladder Safety

A ladder can be very handy when you want to reach new heights in your home, especially when you are working on home improvements. You will need a ladder if you’re planning to change a light bulb, or checking the smoke detectors and especially in this rainy season cleaning your clogged gutters. But every single year, ladder accidents send thousands of people to the hospital. In fact, according to the National Safety Council, over 185,000 Americans visited the ER due to ladder-related injuries in 2015.  The average age of a person falling from a ladder is 55, and the severity of injury increases with age.

Maybe you think that these numbers are rare and that this won’t happen to you. But these accidents are very common, especially during spring, fall, and winter when homeowners are cleaning out their gutters and hanging or removing holiday lights. This means that before homeowners attempt to use a ladder, they should learn the basics of ladder safety.

Here some tips:

Choose the Right Ladder

Homeowners often purchase a short, light, easy-to-carry ladder, and then try to use that ladder even when the job requires something taller, and more steady. The American Ladder Institute recommends in its guide that a basic ladder safety starts by choosing the right ladder.

Climb the Right Way

The American Ladder Institute recommends following these tips when you climb a ladder: before you use a ladder, make sure it is in good condition, and nothing is missing. Also, keep one hand and two feet or one foot and two hands on the ladder at all times. This allows you to maintain your grip on the ladder even if you slip.

Call for Help

Finally, keep in mind that there are times it makes more sense to call for help to do a job that requires working on a ladder. Or think about making some changes around your home, making it more safe, you can do that by choosing  Byers Leafguand Gutters System that won’t require you to get up in a ladder ever again! LeafGuard Gutters means no more dangerous ladder, no more leaks, and no more cleaning clog gutters. They are clog-free! It is our family’s warranty.

Using a ladder means taking your time and putting safety first. Follow the tips to reduce the likelihood of an accident and to stay safe while you work in and around your home.

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