A Few Suggestions for Hanging Your Holiday Lights

Nov 22, 2022
LeafGuard Gutters hanging holiday lights.

‘Tis the season to start decorating for the holidays and hanging your outside holiday lights, which can be a little tricky. Do you staple them to the fascia boards? How do you maintain a nice straight, taught line? What is the best with the thought of keeping both my home and gutters in good shape no matter what option I choose?

“Will I be able to keep up my tradition of hanging Christmas lights if I install LeafGuard gutters?”

“Yes!” Hanging Christmas lights on LeafGuard’s seamless, one-piece gutter system is easy and requires little extra work and zero hassle. When you choose the gutter solution guaranteed never to clog, it won’t come at the expense of the Christmas spirit that annually adorns your home.

Safety First

You will need a sturdy ladder and someone to spot you on the ladder. If your Christmas lights have clips built-in, then you are all ready to hang. If they do not have clips, then you will need to buy gutter clips for lights at a hardware store or home improvement store.

Here are a few suggestions for you to try out.

S Hook for the front lower lip of the gutter: Gutter Hooks, 24 Pack

Shingle hook to hold light above the gutter or below the gutter if you have a fascia board: Christmas Light Clips & Hangers: All-in-one clip for C7 & C9 lights

Light string with Hook built in for C7 & C9 lights

Taking the lights down is also a hassle-free endeavor. Once the holiday season is over, simply remove the clips and the lights. There are no nails, staples, or holes to cause an eyesore.

I personally have the last set-up with LED bulbs and have used them for four seasons. The string-on lights are about 80′ in length. I enjoy it due to the old-style screw-in bulb, which brings back the classic Christmas feel. In the first season, I used the built-in hook on the bulb receptacle, which worked as intended, In year two until the current year, I ended up using a staple gun and security the lights and wires in a straight and tight fashion to the bottom of the fascia board. I did this as I prefer the bulbs to be straight rather than wandering, and it is also quicker for me to install. Hope this helps you out.

Wishing you and your family a safe and Happy Christmas!

Ray Byers Jr.

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