A Bit More About Byers Solar

Feb 05, 2019

A little Byers History

Byers has been helping people protect their homes since 1987. At Byers, we understand that a home is for most of us, the single largest investment in our lives. A home protects our family and possessions. Protecting our home and property is a foremost priority and we are honored to be given the trust to help clients protect and increase the value of their homes while improving everyday lifestyles.

Byers Roofing began installing solar in the mid-90s, completing a solar farm in Davis, still operating today. We got involved working with early versions of solar tiles and solar panels on Sacramento homes, too. Our clients knew us from other work and invited us to add these services — we happily went to work with this exciting new technology.

As solar became more popular, we began getting roofing replacement calls from clients who had solar installed by other contractors. We were disappointed to have to inform homeowners that their warranty was no longer valid because of the way their solar energy panels were installed. We saw firsthand that many solar installers did not understand roofing, and most likely weren’t even aware of roofing warranty requirements.

This really was when we got serious about offering solar solutions for our clients — we knew their roof, we understood their needs and genuinely felt we could do some good by bringing these services together.

Byers Solar - solar panels - SunPower
Byers Solar – solar panels – SunPower

Roofing Meets Solar

Byers has been installing roofs for over thirty years. Our talented team is dedicated to working together to do the right thing — for our clients, the community and each other. We are proud of our qualification for the highest level of roofing warranty with Owens Corning and GAF Roofing products.

In simple terms, this means not only will your roofing warranty be protected when Byers installs solar, but Byers understands how to protect the life of your roof while working on this sensitive surface. Byers also can advise you on the expected lifespan of your roof, helping to get the roof and solar energy installation coordinated to be best for you, the homeowner.

Up on Top!

In looking at solar and roofing, our team is thinking and seeing the whole roofing system and the parts that keep your home happy inside — like gutters, skylights, and SolaTube. Byers evaluates how gutters are working and takes a view of the total picture, giving important feedback on parts of your home you might not see. If you have gutters, they will not be damaged or compromised in any manner during Byers Solar installation. In fact, many times, we see simple fixes that can be done on the spot. Byers staff cares and enjoys helping others, and this care is backed up by solid training.

SunPower Elite and Commercial Dealer

The Byers Family guarantee is simple — we want you, our client, to be 100% satisfied. That’s why when we look at solar panel manufacturers, we are very demanding. SunPower offers the highest performance and the best warranty in the solar industry. SunPower also offers the only fully integrated PV panel, inverter, and mounting system. We have come to know SunPower as a premium US brand that shares our values of quality, integrity, and performance. That’s why we chose to work with SunPower.

Byers Solar’s performance, training, and sales put them in the top-tier of SunPower Dealers. What this means to you is that Byers Solar offers the best manufacturer pricing, product availability and has a complete understanding of each aspect of SunPower’s solar energy system design and installation.

We know and we care about each detail of your solar installation, from planning, design, installation, and permission to operate your solar energy system.

About Byers Solar
About Byers Solar

Here for Today and Tomorrow

Solar is a pretty new industry. Byers is here today as we have been for over 30 years, helping our clients stay safe and comfortable in their homes. We will be here throughout the 25-35 year lifespan of your solar energy system. Most solar installers have not been in business as long as the warranty of the products they sell. Byers cares and is here to stay.

Call Byers Solar today to schedule an appointment for a no-hassle solar energy evaluation, 530-272-8272. Ask us why 2019 is a great year to go solar.