5 Tips to Keep You and Your Property Safe

Jan 27, 2022

Land that needs some clearing

The clearing of debris between your home and nature, also known as a defensible space can be the difference between saving or losing your home during a wildfire. Many homeowners are being faced with the possibility of their homeowner’s insurance not being renewed because they do not have a proper defensible space around their property.

In California, you are required by law to have at least 100′ of defensible space. With the rainy weather that we have had here in Northern California, it is going to be a busy fire season due to all of the fresh growth (fuel).

Land Clearing & Wildfire Prevention | Byers | Cameron

Here are 5 tips for keeping you and your property safe

  1. Keep a 30′ green space or hardscaping around your home.
  1. Clear around your home a minimum of 100′ by reducing the amount of brush and small trees
  1. All remaining trees in the 100′ defensible space should be limbed up a minimum of 6′
  1. If you have a lot of property, begin by thinning the underbrush and vegetation with mechanical mastication which increases your defensible space as well as beautifies your property, and creates usable space.
  1. Due to the massive increase in bark beetles killing trees in our area, it is recommended to remove infested trees ASAP! to reduce the spread.

Below is a before and after of a project. Learn more about Land Clearing & Wildfire Prevention on our website, or contact us.

Land Clearing & Wildfire Prevention | Before and After | Defensible space

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