3 Reasons why you should replace your roof this fall!

Oct 29, 2019


Gutter Replacement Granite Bay CA If you have been thinking about getting a new roof well, this fall may be the perfect time to do it! And here’s why!!!

#1 Amazing weather

Roofing is hard work as it is, and the hot weather in summer makes it very difficult for our team to stay hydrated. Fall provides the perfect climate for roofers to work. The temperatures are between 70 to 50 degrees, and precisely those temperatures ensure that shingles don’t stick together but still adhere firmly to your roof.

#2 Home ready for winter

As the winter season approaches and with heavy rain, snowfall in the Sierra, and freezing temperatures. Getting your roof installed before all the bad weather hits is the best way to keep your home dry and warm throughout the winter. The last thing you think about is getting a leak in your roof and having to do repairs through the winter.

#3 Save energy

And now having a new roof or repair before winter will save money into your pocket!! Avoiding the high-cost in energy bills since a  good proper maintenance for a roof ensures you to keep your home warm and cold for the winter and summer.

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