About Byers Solar

Byers Solar - Courtyard Suites - Grass ValleyFor thirty years — and counting — the Byers family has been in the business of keeping your family safe, warm, dry, and empowered with the highest quality gutters, roofing, skylights, solar, and…people. We installed our first solar systems back in 1991, just when the industry was beginning.

We have dedicated an entire team expressly to solar. Our team has over 70 years of combined experience in solar — a remarkable achievement in this young industry. At Byers, we have the highly qualified team to answer your questions, offer the best solar options, and handle a seamless, professional installation. Byers Solar is here for your home, business or organization’s solar needs.



Byers Solar Operations Manager

Byers Solar - Ernie Flores

Ernie Flores brings decades of leadership and business acumen to Byers Solar. A seasoned professional who built and sold several companies of his own before lending his expertise to other growing industries, Flores specializes in developing systems and building teams that work for the greater good.


Byers Solar Project Administrator

Byers Solar - Sandy Philpott

Sandy Philpott was one of the earliest team members of Byers Solar. Sandy is surrounded by solar energy at her organic farm with her solar professional spouse and now in her day to day work at Byers Solar. All this makes Sandy very happy.


Byers Solar System Designer

Byers Solar Designer Jeff Peterson comes to solar with a background in robotics engineering and home design.


Byers Solar Lead Installer

Byers Solar Lead Installer - Yusef Shelton

Yusef came to Byers Solar in 2016 with a solid background in solar. Having installed solar and worked a wide range of solar projects and types of systems over a period of six years, Yusef was delighted to end his days of commuting and be working closer to his roots and home in Nevada County.


Byers Solar Electrician

Rich Ripley - Byers Solar Electrician


Byers Solar Inside Sales Support

Mandy Meier plays the very critical role at Byers Solar of collecting and organizing all solar estimate information.