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That's Byers.

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Since 1987, we have been in the business of keeping your family safe, warm, dry and empowered with the highest quality gutters, roofing, skylights, solar, and…people.

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Ray Jr: When our customers are home, we want it to be worry free.
Ray Sr: That's true. We started nearly 30 years ago as roofers, to help keep your family safe and dry. The same is true today.Every time we install Byers leaf guard gutters, roofing, solar tube, or solar panels, we continue our goal, keeping your home safe and smart.
Ray Jr: That's Byers.

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By Providing Outstanding Gutters and Roofing Systems for Sacramento, CA, Area Homeowners, Byers Takes a Top Down Approach to Excellence

Your home is more than just a house, it is an accomplishment, the reward for years of hard work and careful planning. At Byers, we share your pride in homeownership and are committed to making your residence the best it can be. Based in Grass Valley, California, we are honored to serve communities in and around Sacramento by providing outstanding products and unrivaled customer service for all of our clients. When you partner with Byers, our commitment to excellence will be apparent from your home’s rooftop to its downspout. We are a Platinum Preferred Contractor for Owens Corning™, so you can take full advantage of the industry-leading warranty offered by this highly regarded manufacturer.

We are also an authorized dealer for LeafGuard® Gutters, the manufacturer of one of the most innovative and worry-free gutter systems on the market. LeafGuard gutters feature a unique one-piece design that provides unparalleled protection from leaves, pine needles, and other debris while creating a sleek and seamless appearance that will complement any exterior. You will never have to climb a ladder again to clear clogs or patch leaks. And if your seamless gutters ever do become blocked, we will come out and clean them at no cost to you.

The Byers Family Guarantee

Every day we aim to deliver exactly what our clients want from our line of products and services. According to GuildQuality, an online independent review service, our “five-star” rating tells us that we are doing it right.

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Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency With Solar Solutions from Byers

Take advantage of the free energy shining down on your home with SunPower® solar panels, the most efficient in the world. These exceptional panels feature a minimalist design that incorporates built-in microinverters behind each panel to maximize energy production and eliminate the need for bulky, wall-mounted equipment. SunPower® solar panels are thin and affix to your roof using InvisiMount® hardware that makes them all but invisible from ground level. What is more, they produce 70 percent more energy within the same footprint as conventional solar panels.

Our technicians are highly experienced and thoroughly trained in the proper installation of SunPower’s entire Equinox™ system. Equinox is the only fully integrated solar power system made by a single manufacturer, so you can be confident every component is engineered to work flawlessly with every other.

To ensure you get the most power production out of your investment, Byers will conduct an initial evaluation of your home and property in order to find the ideal location for your solar panels. And since we also offer comprehensive land clearing services, we can thin the tree canopy over your home to increase the amount of light reaching your panels.

In addition to a solar power system, we can also install Solatube tubular skylights and solar-powered attic fans at your residence to further reduce your dependency on utility-provided electricity.

Safe & Smart Tips
Solar Technology & Tips:

Rapidly changing regulations – Utility providers are rapidly changing their peak hours. Read our 8 Reasons to go Solar PDF.

Put that sunshine in your pocketbook™ – Thinking about solar means planning your future and freedom. In as little as 6 years you could be pocketing your current energy costs. That means more money for retirement or any of the important things in your life.

More Solar Technology
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